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PerfectScents KC
Natural Deodorant Protection
Le Crystal Naturel - Made of pure mineral salts, this crystal forms a natural, protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria on your skin, without adding anything you dont need. To use, moisten the stone and rub it under your arms or on the bottom of your feet. Its unscented, hypoallergenic, non-sticky, non-staining and invisible on your skin. The crystal will feel silky smooth when wet and is recommended for all skin types for men and women. Price is based
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PerfectScents KC
The Crystal Foot Deodorant
Pamper your feet and eliminate foot odor at the same time. Our Crystal-infused natural mineral salt Foot Deodorant Spray eliminates foot odor with suggested use, and it also helps control athlete's foot. Small enough to fit in a gym bag, the hygienic bottle design can be used by more than one person. 4 oz size only $4.95! Price: $4.95
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