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PerfectScents KC
Lavender-Mint - Zum Bar
Our best seller! A simply gorgeous natural swirl of blue and green. Scented with the earth and the sky...a balanced blend of lavender and spearmint. Price: $5.75
PerfectScents KC
Mint - Zum Bar
This mouth watering, refreshing, spearmint soap is a natural green bar speckled with randomly placed cream colored chunks... even those who don't care for mint devour this soap! Price: $5.75
PerfectScents KC
Lavender - Zum Bar
The classic aroma of real lavender (plus a splash of citrus) in this calming bar provokes a feeling of well-being... the healing lavender oil nourishes, while the lavender flowers lightly exfoliate stressed skin. Price: $5.75
PerfectScents KC
Lemongrass - Zum Bar
Great for oily skin, a light fresh citrus aroma with a slight subliminal edge...a pleasing, citrus-grove-like yellow and green. Price: $5.75
PerfectScents KC
Rosemary - Zum Bar
An unassuming light green shade with real rosemary leaves, this bar contains the mentally and physical stimulating rosemary oil. Use it, clear the haze, and enjoy the morning. Price: $5.75
PerfectScents KC
Patchouli - Zum Bar
Wildly seductive, this earthy patchouli aroma is combined with a hint of cedar and a touch of sweet Ylang Ylang, resulting in an ultra arousing bar with a savage twist. Price: $5.75
PerfectScents KC
Rosemary Mint - Zum Bar
Sure to illicit a response from every sense! An exciting variation of our regular rosemary...beware as this lively bar adds a tingling sensation to an otherwise ordinary shower! Loaded with bits of real rosemary and peppermint leaves. Price: $5.75
PerfectScents KC
Cinnamon - Zum Bar
A beautiful cinnamon marbled bar with the delicious aroma of real cinnamon...this yumminess gently scrubs while it warms the senses. Price: $5.75
PerfectScents KC
Tangerine-Orange - Zum Bar
The happy aroma of fresh oranges coupled with the zing of tangerine...guaranteed to lift even the heaviest lids in the morning! Makes a shower seem like spring, all year long. Price: $5.75
PerfectScents KC
Oatmeal-Lavender - Zum Bar
Nourishing oatmeal blended with a combo of the most healing essential oils...This bar is great for sensitive skins needing the utmost pampering! Another great facial soap. Price: $5.75
PerfectScents KC
Frankincense and Myrrh - Zum Bar
An aroma from an exotic place not known in this life time...meditative, ultra-rich yet smooth... Price: $5.75
PerfectScents KC
Wee Bar - Zum Bar
A gentle and versatile soap with a very light hint of lavender. In addition to being ultra-gentle for your "wee ones", this bar makes a superior facial soap. Price: $6.00
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